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The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD (The HARRIS CENTER) (formerly know as MHMRA of Harris County) will be accepting proposals for the following:

Community Psychiatric Hospital Beds

Specifications may be secured from The HARRIS CENTER, Purchasing Department located at 9401 Southwest Freeway, Houston, Texas 77074, telephone (713) 970-7116 and/or via The HARRIS CENTER website www.mhmraharris.org beginning Monday, November 30, 2015. Deadline for prospective vendors to submit questions to this RFP is Thursday, December 3, 2015. Proposals must be submitted to Purchasing Services, 9401 SW Freeway, Houston, Texas 77074 by 10:00 a.m., Tuesday, December 15, 2015 in a sealed enveloped marked "PROPOSAL - DO NOT OPEN UNTIL TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2015, Community Psychiatric Hospital Beds". Any questions pertaining to this solicitation should be addressed in writing to James Blunt, C.P.M., Buyer II, via fax at (713) 970-7682 or E-mail questions to james.blunt@mhmraharris.org cc: sharon.brauner@mhmraharris.org. The HARRIS GROUP reserves all rights to reject any and/or all proposals, to waive formalities and reasonable irregularities in submitted documents as it deems to be in its best interests, and is not obligated to accept the lowest proposal.


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The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD strives to provide high quality, efficient, and cost effective services
so that persons with mental disabilities may live with dignity as fully functioning, participating, and contributing members of our community,
regardless of their ability to pay based on a sliding scale rate schedule.

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