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To enroll in the HCS Program, please call our hotline number 24 hours a day/7 days a week at (713) 970-7799.

Search for licensed providers in Harris County and view their latest compliance reports.

For questions related to HCS, please call (713) 970-3449.


Is there a waiting list?

There is a waiting list for the Home and Community Based Services (HCS) program. The HCS interest list is a statewide list but each community IDD center maintains the HCS interest list for people in their service area.

What if I move, will I remain on the HCS waiting list?

You will remain on the statewide HCS interest list if you move anywhere inside of Texas. If you move, you should notify your community MHMR center and provide new contact information because you can be removed from the HCS interest list if you cannot be contacted. If you move out of Texas, you will be removed from the HCS interest list.

How do I find out if I am already on the waiting list?

To find out if you are on the HCS interest list or for general information about the interest list, please call 713-970-3449.

Why do I need to sign up now?

Individuals are offered HCS services in the order that they are placed on the statewide HCS interest list. Because it is estimated that the waiting time for HCS services may exceed 10 years, it is important to get on the interest list as early as possible.

Do you have to move out of your home to receive HCS?

No. A person can receive HCS services in the family home, in their own home, in a foster home or in a residence operated by the HCS provider.

Can I change providers once I enroll?

Yes. You can change providers as often as you want.