Open Provider Enrollment for Intellectual Disability & Autism Services

Open Enrollment Application Packet

This application is in .pdf format. You will need Adobe to access this file. If you do not have Adobe you may download a free version by clicking here.



Posted 8/6/2004

The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD is conducting an Open Enrollment to expand our network of service providers.  Services are needed in the following areas: Clinical Out of Home Respite and In-Home Respite.  The provider enrollment period will be continuous or until further notice.  

Copies of the application packet will be available beginning Monday August 2, 2004 and may be obtained by:

         Written request to The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD, Attn: Katrina Washington, 9401 Southwest Freeway, Houston , Texas   77004

         Picked up on or after Monday August 2, 2004 in the lobby area of The Harris Center at 9401 Southwest Freeway, Houston , Texas .

         Via Internet by clicking the link entitled 'Open Enrollment Application Packet.'

This advertisement is a re-opening of the original Open Enrollment advertisement placed on May, 2004.